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On-site activities
The Moroccan Desert in one of the top 50 worldwide destinations. We offer you all means to enjoy it...

Camel Trek

The best way to discover the immensity and tranquility of this vast desert is on a camel or on foot. We offer large options of camel treks from two hours, full-day and even longer trekking days with full support.

4×4 Excursion

For those who prefer more adventure, we offer 4×4 trips in the surrounding area. From a simple tour of Erg Znagui dunes or a visit of Jebel El Bayia with panoramic views, to a longer ride around the whole dune massif of Erg Chebbi.

Visit of Khamlia and enjoy Gnaoua music

The village of Khamlia south of Merzouga is a home of the traditional form of the indigenous African spiritual Gnaoua music.

Its population, very distinguished with sub-Saharan looking, has inherited this Gnaoua music and still perform the same rhythmic tunes that migrated from West Africa.

You will meet Khamlia’s friendly and hospitable people who are always happy to share their culture.

Sunset & Sunrise

Nothing is comparable to watching the sun setting and rising in this magnificent landscape.

Our camp offers nice settings in the dunes with cushions, carpets and drinks to catch these unique moments.

Life with nomads

For a complete experience, a visit of a nomad family is a must while you are in the desert.

With their legendary hospitality, the local families are always delighted to receive our guests for mint tea or even lunch for a close-up insight of the nomad life style and great culture exchange.

Star gazing

As the camp is far away from light pollution, it offers great opportunity to watch the night sky. When the clear blue sky disappears into the dark, a bright carpet of shining stars animates the night and keeps you amazed for hours…
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We are all committed to making your stay at the Luxury Camp a great and unforgettable experience.